The Value Of A Bubble Break


Course Description:

Blowing bubbles is something I often enjoyed doing as a child, little did I understand the true value in the simple act of blowing bubbles. In the past during a large national conference, I created a space to allow others to join in on taking a moment to blow bubbles. The feedback received from the event was powerful and there were 6 key areas discovered in which support our well-being in taking part in the activity.

1. Mindfulness

2. Concentration

3. Breathing

4. Community

5. Accomplishment

6. Letting Go

The simple activity of blowing bubbles can provide individuals and teams with an easy way in which to connect to themselves and each other. Thereby helping to manage the challenges of the daily stress of working in a veterinary hospital. In learning to share this resource we can all experience the value toward mental well-being in participating in fun yet simple activity of “Take a Bubble Break”.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the benefits of taking a break and what is does for our well-being.

2. Provide visibility to the challenges of taking breaks.

3. Define mindfulness and how this provides resilience to individuals and their careers.

4. Provide direction on simple mindfulness activities.

5. Understand the 6 points of value in taking time to blow bubbles for our well-being.

Lesson for Course:

Lesson 1: The Value of Taking a Bubble Break