Managing Emotions in Difficult Conversations


Course Description:

There are multiple factors that need to be determined and shared during a conversation with a client when their pet is suffering with a difficult or complex medical situation. These conversations can elicit a number of emotions from the veterinarian and their staff when attempting to support the client through a decision. This presentation covers the traps that a team can fall into due to the emotions within themselves not being recognized and addressed during these conversations. It will provide direction on how to partner with the client and shares ideas and tools with the audience to help manage the emotions related to these conversations. While there is no right answer on how to have these conversations, this presentation helps to define the situation and allows the audience to recognize that we are all normal in our struggle and that true connection and acceptance of our own emotions is in fact the answer.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the dynamic that causes the emotions related to difficult conversations within veterinary medicine.

2. Provide knowledge to the traps individuals fall into in avoiding the emotions of difficult conversations.

3. Recognize the framework related to embracing the partnership relationship in navigating these conversations.

4. Embracing and connecting with the emotions related to the stress and frustration in having hard conversations with clients.

5. Realization that there is no one fix in this space, yet instead provide a path to start from as each conversation is unique.

Lesson for Course:

Lesson 1: Managing Emotions in Difficult Conversations