Laser Certification Course


CEU Controlling Agency Approval Disclaimer:  This course does NOT have any approved CEUs at the moment.  Over time Aspen Laser University will be applying for CEU Approvals for Athletic Trainers, Chiropractic and other medical professionals to take this much needed Laser Certification Courses

Course Description:

​Aspen Laser University Laser Therapy Course Description This course is designed for the Athletic Trainer who is new to laser therapy, as well as those who have a therapy laser and want to generate better outcomes with this drug free modality that treats the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. The instructor is a highly experienced Athletic Trainer who is also a veteran in the world of laser therapy, now called photobiomodulation. He will present current information on the emerging science, the evolution from LEDs to Class I - IV Therapy Lasers, and the expanding range of clinical applications. Going beyond the exciting benefits of pain relief and tissue repair, the course will share key techniques and tips that were used to successfully treat high profile athletes to win championships.


  1. Explain the primary, secondary and tertiary effects of Photobiomodulation as it applies to musculoskeletal injuries.
  2. Identify current treatment recommendation’s for all laser classifications
  3. Define, discuss and differentiate the indications, contraindications, and mechanism of action for Photobiomodulation.
  4. Describe and demonstrate skills needed for: 1) effective treatment of acute vs chronic injuries and 2) the intricate differences of different laser diodes.
  5. Demonstrate the proper sequence and implementation of a treatment plan for all lasers as it applies to musculoskeletal injuries.
  6. Understand the need for following safety guidelines as established by AIMLA.
  7. Identify the phases of tissue healing derived from primary, secondary and tertiary healing.
  8. Examine and discuss the current scientific evidence to determine the effectiveness and efficacy for the use of various advanced Photobiomodulation techniques.
  9. Compare and contrast the roles, characteristics, indications, contraindications, precautions, and advantages / disadvantages for using photobiomodualtion for tissue repair and pain relief.