Intro to Medicare & Social Security


Join  us for a presentation by We Can Help You, a 501c3 educational organization with a mission to help individuals navigate the often confusing ocean of information surrounding Social Security and Medicare. You will learn all of the fundamentals including who is eligible, when to apply, how to avoid penalties, understanding the donut-hole and the advantages of supplementing Original Medicare.

Level: Beginner

Track:  Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities

HUD Category: Federal and Applicable State Programs and Eligibility (Statutorily Required Training Area)

Presenters: Flora Acosta, Amy Putrino, JIm Soucy and  Kevin Skaltsis

Important Exam Information

This course requires you to enter a 5 digit code in the course exam in order to receive credit. The presenter will recite one digit at a time. When you hear the digit, write it down so you have it ready for the course exam.


  1. Understanding Original Medicare and Social Security basics.
  2. Learn how to determine eligibility.
  3. Learn how to guide someone who is aging into Medicare and/or Social Security.