How to Become a Recovering Perfectionist


Course Description:

Perfectionism or high-achievement syndrome is a common trait of those that enter into the medical field, and the speaker has found this to be especially true in the veterinary industry. This is a great personality trait to drive the individual through their schooling and training, however it is often not so great in providing them with a sustainable authentic fulfilling career. This talk takes the audience through one veterinary professional’s personal journey of finding a way to accept her perfectionism tendencies. This journey brought her to recognizing her personal shame and how to then develop shame resiliency. The tips on how to become a recovering perfectionist literally saved her life and she wants to share them with the profession.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the definition of perfectionism.

2. Become familiar with the concept of the positive aspects of being a perfectionist.

3. Become familiar with the concept of the negative aspect of being a perfectionist.

4. Recognize the path in helping to embrace all aspect of our individual space of perfectionism.

5. Finding that balance to connect to forgiving ourselves and others in our journey to embracing our perfectionism.

Lesson for Course:

Lesson 1: How to Become a Recovering Perfectionist