Honoring Ourselves As We Honor The Veterinary Oath


Course Description:

We each come into this profession following and honoring the veterinary oath in our unique way. Practicing and supporting the human animal bond in various aspects of veterinary medicine. Along the way we often lose ourselves from the challenges and struggles of the space that is veterinary medicine. In this process many lose their drive to stay within the profession. The goal to career sustainability is to provide a space that allows each individual to find their unique path to honor themselves while they honor the veterinary oath. To not be told what to do, more follow a framework to find longevity within the veterinary industry. When we uniquely honor the veterinary oath and also commit to ourselves, we find excel as veterinary professionals and find longevity within the profession. With this lecture, attendees will come away with an understanding on how to begin to find the path to honor themselves. Allowing each individual to start the journey to live once again connected to the passion they hold close to their heart and then in doing so find their sustainability within the veterinary industry.

Learning Objectives:

1. To review and understand the current struggle that faces veterinary professionals in living a sustainable career within the vet med.

2. Provide a framework in which to allow focus in develop a unique path to sustainability.

3. Understand the 4 principles to follow in staying committed to stay connected within the veterinary industry.

4. Recognize that we are all normal and not alone in this struggle to find career contentment

5. Become familiar with the individualized journey of the joined focus in honoring the veterinary

Lesson for Course:

Lesson 1: Honoring Ourselves