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ICEU Learning Management System (LMS)

Welcome to ICEU, a Learning Management System (LMS) developed to meet any company’s or organization’s training needs, and to provide enterprising subject-matter-experts an affordable platform on which to build an online education business. ICEU is designed for training professionals who require a high-quality, low-cost learning management system. The ICEU platform is scalable and can meet the training requirements of any organization or business.

ICEU is also the perfect solution for those individuals who want to share their experience and skills while earning income from an online educational enterprise. ICEU provides you with everything you need to launch and successfully run an online training business.

Our LMS platform is easy to implement, update, manage and monitor. ICEU provides a dynamic learning environment and an exceptional learning experience for students.


Our easy 1-2-3 process helps you construct courses on ICEU learning management system for FREE! Simply click to upload logos, mission statement, presenter names, bios, credentials and titles.

Next, add your lesson content in PowerPoint, PDF, Word or Excel. You can also add reference materials, and certificates-of-completion. Have video components? Just send all your recorded lesson videos (mpeg4 format) and our support team will upload them to the site for you. End of Course Surveys and Final Exams you can build simply clicking on the add Survey or add Exam buttons, and then start building them as you need them for your on-line courses.


ICEU provides outstanding, customizable assessment tools for you to create tests and quizzes to reinforce important concepts and measure student retention and understanding. Course providers have the power to generate reports tracking each member’s course progress: not started, in progress, reset by administrator, completed, passed/failed. Easily create custom reports that can provide you with insight into the effectiveness of your training.


ICEU’s eCommerce capabilities allow you to easily tailor and customize your business. Each course provider is provided a safe and secure, accounting suite where they can view and monitor invoice status, provide discounts, collect payments, communicate and generate reports on site visits, leads, sales, returns, earnings and payments. ICEU allows convenient payment options for your students; credit card and PayPal.


Receive and send messages and notifications in real time from course providers, administrators and leaners. Develop and share custom reports via email. Answer questions, solve problems and encourage greater course completion rates.


Improve your learner’s experience by gathering student feedback through customizable surveys.


ICEU is the world’s most reliable and affordable learning management system. Your initial financial investment is zero dollars allowing all ICEU clients to start building their on-line courses for FREE. An annual hosting fee of $599 is payable at the end of each calendar year. This $599.00 annual hosting fee is offset by free courses and course sales that each ICEU hosting client makes per calendar year which could result in a minimal; or no annual hosting fee for ICEU on-line hosting clients.


ICEU offers an internal affiliate marketing program. Any individual, organization, or business can apply to become an ICEU affiliate for FREE. Affiliates can create coupons up to 20% off for any course hosted on ICEU. When affiliates market their courses to their members, it creates a synergistic effect.


Marketing and promoting your online courses is important. In order to keep your course offerings top-of-mind with your prospective students and increase your online course sales, ICEU offers you the opportunity to produce a series of videos to promote your online courses.

The purpose of these videos is to educate your audience about the benefits of the courses you offer and answer questions they may have about your online education program. The videos can be used and promoted on your website, email marketing campaigns and social media platforms.

Our award-winning production team will professionally produce videos by performing a remote interview with a representative of your organization.