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Health and Wellness

A wide variety of courses aimed at the total health and wellness of the athlete and individual from nutritional, personal training, strength and conditioning and others that focus on overall health and wellness.

All Courses Available Under Health and Wellness Courses

Recommended CPR Training for all Health Professionals.

This online training course is the recommended program for wellness and healthcare professionals to meet the minimum requirements for CPR and AED Training. Once successfully completed, students can take the course completion certificate to complete the hands on CPR/AED at the nearest American Red Cross.

Links to Course Providers

Medical Health and Fitness - (1 courses)

Medical Health and Fitness - (1 courses)

1. American Red Cross Adult CPR and AED training

Professional Education CEU courses for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

Professional Education CEU courses for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers to maintain their profession license.

Physiological Adaptations to Variable Resistance Exercise

Effective core strengthening exercise is accomplished as a result of simultaneously contracting all of the muscles of the trunk or core, all at once. The most effective method combines appropriate resistance and proper movement technique. The participant can become strong in specific areas of the body, by performing the right movement against resistance. In other words, they can tailor the movement and resistance to specifically strengthen to the precise body parts. The convenience and durability of this unique device permits the consistent neuromuscular stimulation that is required to maintain and increase cognition, and physical tissue strength.

The Porterfield Core Strengthening Device, LLC - (1 courses)

1. Musculofascial Dynamics of the Trunk/Core - Non Certified