1 Life Connected

Connecting Careers with Life’s Passion We spend the majority of our lives working in our career. Many of us want to make a difference and have a fulfilling career that truly connects with our life’s passion. Dr. Pope entered the field of veterinary medicine with that same vision. What she (and many people) didn’t understand were the struggles that would be present in the field that would challenge her engagement in her profession and staying connected to her life passion. The goal of 1 Life Connected is to provide the space that allows for visibility, awareness, and a greater understanding to the various struggles that are common among medical professionals. Ultimately helping to guide individuals to find personal solutions to professional wellbeing and career contentment. Connecting Careers with Life’s Passion will bring us all closer to our personal happiness leading to a stronger engagement within our profession and help to support that authentic sustainable career many of us desire. Dr. Pope provides this support through one on one coaching as well as developing individualized team programs. Author to “The Unspoken Life” and its supplemental coloring book. She also is a dynamic and engaging international speaker and provides support through organized professional meetings. Allowing each of us to find satisfaction in our career leads to a more connected work environment, which ultimately supports the hospital and individual’s quality of care, client service, and financial stability. In the end we are all 1 Life Connected and Dr. Pope helps to make that connection. Kimberly Pope-Robinson DVM 1 Life Connected Consulting Connecting Careers with Life’s Passion