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Client Success Update

We enable clients to achieve their business goals.

Free Online BOC Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) CEU Courses for Athletic Trainers - Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) is supporting Walters Inc., and The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS), where PFATS is offering 500 full scholarships to Walters Inc. Evidence-Based EAP for Safer Sports online course hosted on the ICEU Platform.

Innovative CEUs Simple, Easy, Convenient Learning Management System (LMS) - Aaron Sciascia; How convenient has Innovative CEUs made the process of creating online courses?

Innovative CEUs Customer Service - Aaron Sciascia; How would you rate the Innovative CEUs customer service?

Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program - Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program - 2 high-quality affordable EBP courses for Athletic Trainers to take nationally.

ACADAWARE EDUCATION INSTITUTE (AEI) - 9 high-quality affordable Category A courses for Athletic Trainers to take nationally.

NJAHPERD - Physical Education / Physical Activity courses for K-12 Physical Education Professionals.

Innovative CEUs Learning Management System PR Newswire Press Release - Welcome to Innovative CEUs (ICEU), a Learning Management System (LMS) developed to meet any organization's training needs, and to provide subject-matter-experts an affordable platform on which to build an online education business. Innovative CEUs is designed for training professionals who require a high-quality, low-cost learning management system. The ICEU platform is scalable and can meet the training requirements of any organization.

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL # 1 FROM ROD WALTERS - Rod Walters of Walters Inc. Consultants In Sports Medicine 1st Innovative CEUs (ICEU) video testimonial


Professional Seminars, LTD - We are pleased to announce the release and launch of Professional Seminars, LTD REHABILITATION FOLLOWING PECTORALIS MAJOR REPAIR - ATHLETIC TRAINER course on the Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) - educational software for service site.

Multi Radiance Medical - Multi Radiance Medical launches 1.5 hour BOC Clinical EBP Home Study course LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE

Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association - BOC EBP Courses on ICEU Platform - Recently came on board as a course hosting partner to allow Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) to host their online courses.

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